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My name is Kim, I’m from North-East England and I have been piercing professionally since 2003. I'm currently working in a fantastic tattoo studio in the centre of Middlesbrough.

I, and the studio I work from, are fully licenced and registered by the local council and we pride ourselves in our strict compliance with all Health and Safety regulations. We are also fully insured for ourselves and our clients.

I am well versed in all piercing procedures, from ear lobes, noses and basic body piercing to more unusual piercings such as genitals, surface piercing, skin divers & microdermals. I also do a lot of custom work (play piercing, surface weaving & corsetry) and scarification work. I enjoy working on new and exciting piercing techniques, as well as big custom piercing projects. Contact me for more info/pricing on custom work. You do not need an appointment to be pierced by me, just call into the studio. Please be aware that I will only ever work in reputable and registered tattoo studios. I do not work from home and I will not pierce you in your home.

For genital piercing (male or female), female nipple piercing, cheek/dahlia piercing and other body modification work, you must be 18 years of age or over. I will ask for photo ID if you look under 21. For general body piercing, you must to be 16 years of age or over. I will ask for photo ID if you look under 18. Acceptable forms of ID are: UK Passport, UK Drivers Licence (or Provisional) or other Government Issue UD. I cannot accept photocopies or birth certificates. No one who is pregnant/breastfeeding or under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be pierced. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone due to medical or ethical reasons (at piercer’s discretion).

I stock a huge range of body jewellery and I’m happy to order in anything that isn’t part of my regular stock, just ask. I order once a month at the beginning of each month. I will fit any jewellery bought from me free of charge (£5 extra charge for stretching piercings – ages 18+). I also stock a range of merchandise – T-Shirts, Prints, Tote Bags, Pocket Mirrors and Gift Vouchers. All jewellery & merchandise available in the studio, or contact me if you would like to mail order anything.

I only use single-use fully sterilized needles/scalpels/dermal punches and high quality titanium jewellery for all my work. I will not pierce with any jewellery bought elsewhere, and will never use ‘piercing guns’ or butterfly back studs. Where possible, all my equipment is single-use and disposable. Where this is not possible, the equipment is sterilized in a vacuum autoclave in a sterilization pouch between each use. Please ask if you would like to see any of my sterilizing equipment.

All piercings are treated in the strictest confidence. I work in a screened off area of the studio for complete privacy and safety. Piercing is not a spectator sport, so no one is allowed into the piercing area with you (with the exception of genital piercings, where I will allow a friend or partner in with you).

I am happy to give free and confidential consultations upon request (for any and all piercings, and I insist on a face-to-face consultation for custom piercing work and scarification work). These consultations consist of a walk-through of the procedure, you can see the equipment that will be used and I'll talk you through jewellery options (for the initial piercing and for once the piercing has healed). Aftercare is also discussed and I can recommend certain products to you as well. This is a good opportunity to ask questions that you may forget about on the day of getting the work done.


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